Eagle Eye Productions - Photography, Video
Company Profile
Eagle Eye Productions was founded by Anthony Patty, Anthony started his career over 40 years ago as a freelance photographer with his own photographic studio, post production lab in Northern Ireland.
His creative passion and eye for detail lead him into photography and videography which has taken him through, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.
Anthony has been trained in film production, directing, scene lighting, sound production
and script writing, he is experienced in wedding photography and wedding videography, short films and corporate advertising and his work has been entered into national and international film festivals.
Anthony's creative eye and ability to capture timeless moments have excelled him into becoming a passionate photographer and videographer.
His passion for creative excellence is evident in his close run team, each member of the team has been trained at the Eagle Eye Production School.
For more information about Eagle Eye Production services, the Production team or Eagle Eye film school, please contact us  email:  studio@eaglehdv.com